31 October 2011

Back to the Valley…

I’m heading back!!! Down for a few weeks of meetings, catching up, and hustling. Im not sure if its just uncontrolled excitement - but I just cant wait to get back on the CalTrain and ride it endlessly - you know?

Kicked-ass last week: Import export, Open format, Lots of squeeks silenced

Next-week: Get back in the zone, lots o’ meetings, lots o’ email

28 October 2011

Guess who got featured in Notable today!

Woot, woot! Its actually a pretty awesome interview. Link.

24 October 2011


Man that was wicked fun. Phew. We spent almost all of Saturday moaning and playing video games. It was rough. But we rallied and went out and had a few beers with the boys from Comprehend who were in town and then my buddy Rohan kept me up until 6am talking sales strategies. Haha, ugh. So I felt like a winner Sunday morning. The rest of the week was pretty low key.

To be continued: Student reachout, top of the funnel, fundraising prep.

14 October 2011

Back in Meeting Mode

It was enevitable. The day would come when I would have to talk to people again. I hoped I’d maybe get another month or two. even just the rest of October. But I guess you cant win em all. Sigh. Though on the plus side its Oktoberfest tonight - and I have been pumped since I got up.

On the docket for next week: Book my next valley trip, kick-off university outreach, hopefully contribute some code.

7 October 2011

Working Thanksgivings

So its going to be a working Thanksgivings for me this year. We have a very excited and super awesome hacker from Raleigh coming to visit and I’m gonna try my best to show him a good time while he is here! Beyond that I have about a billion emails from our investor and user updates last week that need my attention.

Up next: Week o’ meetings, brainstorming for parts improvements, and a little bit of networking.

30 September 2011


Ever have one of those days? You know when your brain leaks out your ears… You are totally sapped. Spent. All you wanna do is stare at the wall? Or sleep? Well I kinda feel like that today. And in the words of a dear friendof mine: ptttbbbbbb (the noise it makes when you stick out your tounge and blow). On the plus size tons of progress on curation, import, notifications and analytics. On the downside I’m sleepy and pretty much done for the week. So I guess until next time. haha.

On the slate for next week: launching a bunch of features we have ready to go, and turning back on the work on PCBs and Gerbers.


23 September 2011

How Awesome Is This?!?!

I mean what a good looking bunch right? Lady slayers all. Its been another crazy week. Meetings this time, lots and lots of meetings. Probably inevitable, and at least I might got some real work done this weeked. But the smiles… There are so damn many smiles in the office you can’t help but feel like we’ve done a good thing. Its a pretty speical feeling watching someting you’ve built add value to peoples lives. Very, very cool.

Top of the list for next week: User feature requests, Payments, Finish notifications.

How cool is it to be changing the world?

16 September 2011

Sooooo Tired

What a week! We launched. We saw thousands of new users. We hacked. We bug fixed. We frantically kept the site alive. We slept in shifts in case stuff went bad. We got some incredible press. And its all still happening. I’m just landing in New York. No sleep. Another day of hacking and talking and trying to change the world….

Top of the list for next week: Bro gets married tomorrow, Get our house in order (ie. ops, cleanup, and support), Retention & analytics & notifications

And then maybe I’ll get some sleep…

9 September 2011

Time = Up

Wow. I can belive its time. What a weeek. I’m starting to feel a little crappy. We are all totally sapped. And we can’t help but keep pushing. We can’t help but hustle just a little bit more…

Top of the list for next week:

  • Fly to the valley
  • DEMO & Press Launch
  • Open Source Hardware Summit

And then back for my first family wedding ever!

2 September 2011

The week before launch…

This week, is the week before we officially launch Upverter. Its been a long haul. A little over 54 weeks of hard work and unbelievible dedication. We’ve had our share of failures, and a few successes, and hopefully we’ve learned enough from our last few soft launches that we are actually at a point where people will get excited about what we’ve built, instead of just our potential… Fingers crossed!

Top of the list for next week:

  • Milk the advisors
  • Last minute funnel and burn calculations

And then off to Sillicon Valley to make some noise…